Raised Acoustic Flooring

Raised Acoustic Flooring

Our focus is acoustic insulation and control. With 20 years’ experience and 5 million m2 installed we are market leaders in this type of flooring. Our systems are type-approved and technically approved with respect to sound-damping properties, dynamic loads and strength.

Dampening elements are specified from our range of options to achieve different sound properties depending on the type of substructure used.

Granab subfloor systems provide many advantages: constructed with non-deformable, galvanised steel floor girder and an effective sound damping spring system. The subfloor system is secured to the substructure and set at the desired height.

System 9000 improves the acoustic quality of auditoriums, hotels, gyms, sports facilities and public buildings, making them more environmentally friendly to all occupants.

Systems 3000 & 7000 improve the quality of homes, offices, schools and public buildings, making them more environmentally friendly.

The system is constructed with non-deformable galvanised steel floor girders and an effective and resilient sound-dampening suspension system. It is secured to the structural floor and set at the desired height with millimeter accuracy. Tongue and grooved chipboard, cement board or other suitable sheet material is fixed to the girders to complete the subfloor structure. The finished flooring of tiles, floorboards, carpet etc. is fitted on the completed subfloor.

Different types of damping elements allow us to achieve different sound properties and frequency controls.


For hollowcore, multideck and beam & block

Granab systems are commonly installed on hollow core slabs when the objective is to attain sound class A or B without additional topping. The system also removes the natural camber of the precast flooring without the need for a leveling screed or shims.


For in-situ cast structural floors

With Granab systems,structural flooring can be cast thinner,  approximately 300 mm can be reduced to approximately 200 mm, when structural factors permit, with retained or improved sound insulation. This produces a lighter overall construction and improved overall economy. Flexible line routing in the space between the raised acoustic floor and finished floor covering also facilitates future renovations.


For wooden subfloors

Granab systems are installed directly on wooden subfloors so as to achieve improved impact and airborne sound insulation for the overall construction. Granab systems are, for example, widely used in attic conversions.