Sports & Leisure

Acoustic flooring for sports & leisure

The demands of a sports floor are high; with rapidly moving live loads, changes in direction and impact with the floor through jump and fall. These structural requirements combined with acoustic specifications make finding an all inclusive solution challenging.

Meeting these demands are becoming ever more important as sports, leisure and gym facilities are becoming increasingly more integrated into buildings from hotels, homes, schools and dedicated centres.

Standard solution with system 7000N

The Granab system 7000N with a 12mm dampener is ideal for meeting the general impact absorption and airborne insulation demands required by sports, leisure and gym facilities. A robust structure made of inorganic materials, impervious to moisture and changes in humidity and temperature.


Advanced solution with system 9000N


For sports and leisure facilities integrated into buildings from hotels, homes, schools and dedicated centres; Granab have developed the 9000N system to offer greater impact resilience and acoustic performance by adding 25mm and 50mm dampener options. The thicker dampener not only offers superior airborne and impact sound insulation, the subtle deflection in the system is critical in creating a safe surface, reducing the level of injury from falls by absorbing some of the impact.


indoor sports arena built on Granab flooring systemImpact absorbing area elasticity

With Granab’s thicker dampeners of 25mm and 50mm available for 7000N & 9000N systems respectively, a degree of deflection can be incorporated into the structure. This creates a regular hard floor as expected with the addition of area elasticity; absorbing some of the impact energy of a person falling, potentially reducing the number of serious injuries.



The use of lighter weight structures and offsite construction to meet the build times and budgetary requirements of schools means sufficient structural mass is absent to take out the noise of everyday activities.

Granab can play a senior part in the acoustic solution; taking out the impact sound and a considerable amount of airborne too. In conjunction with weighted sheet materials above the Granab girders and mineral fibre below a complete acoustic solution can be achieved.


Hotel Gyms

The demands of a hotel gym are variable in time and usage; with guests sleeping while others try to fit in exercise.. This makes it essential that the airborne and impact sounds of music, pounding feet, clanking weights and the rest are limited from affecting other guests.

With Granab’s high performance insulating and absorbing properties these acoustic issues passing through floors can effectively be dealt with. This also allows the gym to be located in a more central location.


Dance halls

Putting a bounce in your step with Granab system 7000N & 9000N. Using 25mm or 50mm dampeners provides a suitable level of distributed deflection to create area elasticity.

The innovative design of Granab makes it a faster system to install than a traditional timber lattice structure. It also provides a clear service void between the structural floor and finished floor, deal for the running of utilities, heating and ventilation.


Permanent or temporary

The system is made of inorganic materials and completely resistant to moisture making it durable and hard wearing.

The standard fixing detail for Granab to a concrete structural floor is with a 6mm concrete anchor and to timber floor using a 4mm screw. In both options the fixing can be removed and the hole cleanly filled and left flush with the structural floor.

This ability to remove Granab gives tenants the assurance they can return the premises to their original state on completion of the lease or event. All components of the Granab system are entirely recyclable and reusable.