Renovation flooring

Conservation & refurb

The Granab system offers a flexible solution for renovation projects to achieve a light weight,  level, acoustic floor.

This dynamic system is made with non-deformable galvanised steel girders that retain their shape and are not affected by humidity or temperature variations. The support block, damping element and level adjustment screw are also made from inorganic material that is not affected by moisture. Granab systems eliminate risks such as that of creaking or sag due to the effects of drying and moisture on girders, which can arise with girders made of organic materials such as wood.


Granab system with adjustment screws creating a level floor on a renovated mixed surface structural floor


The original floor can be partitioned and ventilated from the main building environment allowing any residual damp to be isolated. See Granab ventilated subfloorsplastic moisture barrier placed over granab girder system 7000N to create a seperate floor space that can be ventilated

Multi room fit-outs

Buildings being partitioned into multiple rooms such as apartments, hotel rooms and offices are well suited for Granab

  • Fixing of the system having minimal impact on the existing structure making it ideal in conservation and listed building works
  • No surface levelling required prior to installation as adjustable screw legs allow significant height variations from 30 to 420mm – mm level floors
  • Void below and between girders creates natural service channels for utilities
  • Girders designed to take stud wall partitions and a dead load of 4000kg/m2 at 600mm c/c
  • Lightweight at 5kg/m2

Wall partition build straight on top of the Varifloor System

Acoustic comfort

Granab acoustic flooring system provides effective impact and airborne sound dampening; significantly reducing everyday sounds of footfall, doors and floor based appliances and those from voice, TV and radio etc.

Modern apartment interior built using Granab subfloor system


Providing a secure, quiet and comfortable acoustic floor for living and working is essential in creating high quality environments. The completed system lessens the impact on occupant’s legs, backs and shoulders as they walk on a Granab floor with its dampening element removing the harsh rigidity found in regular floors.


Low impact

As a lightweight system with multiple fixing options, Granab can be fitted  surfaces without drilling or screwing, using a removable adhesive or fitting on top of a ply wood protective layer. The importance of this is primarily in listed buildings where the original finished floor and structure are required to be kept. Such floors are not suitable for purpose and generally not level. The Granab floor will give a level floor accommodating slopes and undulations in level from 30mm to 420mm.

Granab fitted onto an old uneven floor creating a new level surface


Lightweight & easy to install

Weighing just 5kg/m2 and full length girders available in lengths of 2600mm and 3800mm the Granab parts are ideally suited for hand loading into the build, stacking and fitting in areas of restricted spaces commonly found in renovation projects, in particular, listed buildings.



The girders can be prefabricated to exact lengths as per the floor layout design before dispatch to site or alternatively cut on site. This option works well for installation on listed buildings where there are no straight walls or accurate floor plans.

Granab flooring system 3000N spacing guide


Girders can be cut cleanly and spark free using an appropriate bench mounted chop saw or a hand held jig saw with suitable blade.

  • Lightweight and easy handle into buildings and up stairs
  • Full length girders of 2600mm or 3800mm in length
  • Can be cut spark free on-site with suitable tools
  • Can be assembled directly on untreated subfloors without wet surface levelling
  • Height adjustable from 30 to 420mm and to 1000m with addition masonite beams
  • Can accommodate services and utilities without producing structure borne sound
  • Ideal for various underfloor heating systems and insulation panels
  • Creak-free, comfortable floors