Quick Overview

Quick Overview of the Features & Benefits

  • Effective impact sound dampening of 46dB (L’n, w+C) and airborne sound insulation of 65dB (R’w+C) achievable
  • Lightweight at 5 kg/m2. By contrast, conventional topping screed solutions have a weight of 100–200 kg/m2
  • moisture free product, no drying , no humidity problems
  • Easy to level and match floor heights of modular components
  • Strong and durable with a load capacity of 4000kg/m2 at 600mm c/c
  • Stud partition walls can be built on top of the Granab® system to allow continuous running of services throughout a unit
  • Minimal site waste and zero waste achievable with offsite prefabrication
  • 50% less CO2 impact than concrete and fully recyclable
  • Can be assembled directly on untreated structural floors– no wet surface leveling
  • The durable nature of Granab® means that it can ably facilitate future modifications
  • Kit and supply & Install options are factory cut to detailed plans, labelled and packed by room
  • Installation rate of 4m2 of Granab per person per hour achievable
  • Ideal for underfloor heating systems
  • Sloping to drains for the perfect wet room