Acoustic Performance

Granab Acoustic Performance

 Dampening elements & acoustic performance
Resilient durability: Total deflection (momentary + long-term creep) at 106 h (114 years) Dynamic E-module
GRAB-310 Relative thickness For 12mm thickness Change
P ≤ 17% ≤ 2 mm ≈ 0%
V ≤ 18% ≤ 2.2 mm ≈ 0%


 Accredited sound measurements for Granab 3000N & 7000N
Accredited sound measurements in completed building with a Granab system on hollow-core slabs HD/F 185 mm and HD/F 270 mm
Examples of measurement results Impact soundL´n, w + C i, 50-2500 Airborne soundR´w + C i50-3150 Remarks
Examples of measurement results 46 dB 65 dB System 3000
Granab system, height 65 mm incl. floor covering laid on HD/F 270 mm 51 dB 58 dB
Granab system, height 70 mm incl. floor covering laid on HD/F 185 mm 47 dB 61 dB
Granab system, height 150 mm incl. floor covering laid on HD/F 185 mm 50 dB 59 dB System 7000


Sound class limits by building regulation jurisdiction
Applicable sound class limits for dwellings
Regulation jurisdiction Highest permitted impact sound level dB Lowest permitted airborne sound insulation dB
UK Approved Document E 62 (L´nT,w) 45 (DnT,w+Ctr)
IRL Technical Guidance Document E 58 (L´nT,w) 53 (DnT,w)
SWE, class C
SWE, class B
56 (L´nT,w +C i50)
52 (L´nT,w +C i50)
52 (DnT,w+C50)
56 (DnT,w+C50)
FIN, NOR, Denmark 53 (L´n,w) 55 (R´w)


Additional information for alternative configurations of Granab is available in the product brochure or email