Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories

There are a standard set of installation tools that can be added to your order as a complete set or individual items. There are also additional accessories available to meet specific project or installer requirments.

Standard Installation Tool Set

  • Mandrel No.1 for placing concrete anchor into pre drilled hole
  • Mandrel No. 2 for firmly fixing anchor after screw leg has been adjustment to final height
  • Screw leg adjustment attachment for drill
  • Hand adjustment tool for fine tuning or leg heights adjustment after final fixing
  • Trimming tool for reducing the height of screw legs to the required depth below top of girders

Additional installation tools

  • SDS Extender rods – 500mm long to allow installer stand upright during drilling and use shorter drill bits
  • Extra long mandrel No.1 – 1000mm long and allows installer to work standing upright
  • Extra long mandrel No.2 – 1000mm
  • Extra long screw leg adjustment attachment

Girder spacers

These are an essential part of any installation as they allow for fast, easy and accurate setting out of the girders. Simply placed on the girders during installation and removed once girders are firmly fixed.

Spacers are supplied in packs of 10

  • 300mm
  • 400mm
  • 440mm for use with underfloor heating panels fitted between girders
  • 600mm
  • Bespoke lengths manufactured to order are also available