Granab 7000N

Granab 7000N flooring batten with acoustic mounting blocks


Assembly components of the Granab System 7000

Section with support block and dampening element, level adjustment screw and concrete anchor.

Assembly of the  Granab 7000 system showing adjustable height range of 70mm to 420mm to the top of the girder.

Additional height can be achieved using masonite I-joists on top of the girders giving a 1000mm subfloor level excluding floor covering.




System 7000 standard configuration assembly22-mm parquet, alternatively 22-mm chipboard & 15-mm parquet or carpet.



General installation drawing of Subfloor System 7000 for a Residential room.

Standard floor design for a residential room using granab system 7000The c/c distance between girders is determined by the choice of floor covering.