Granab 3000N

Granab 3000N flooring batten with acoustic mounting blocks

For adjustable heights 30mm – 180 mm

Varifloor System 3000n dimensioned assembly

Assembly of the  Granab 3000N batten system showing 30mm to 180mm height range.

Varifloor System 3000n exploded assembly

Battens are mounted on acoustic blocks (similar to an acoustic cradle), the dampening element acoustically insulates the finished floor from the structural floor.

Height levelling is achieved with an adjustment screw running through the acoustic block.

Varifloor-System 3000n standard build

22-mm parquet, alternatively 22-mm chipboard & 15-mm parquet or carpet.

Varifloor-System 3000n insulated build

A supplementary insulation sheet or grooved underfloor heating tray can be fitted between the battens, increasing performance without an increase in floor height.

General installation drawing of Subfloor batten System 3000N for a Residential room.


The c/c distance between battens is determined by the choice of finished floor covering.