Granab 9000N

Granab 9000N flooring batten

with acoustic mounting blocks


Granab 9000N batten with 25 and 50mm acoustic dampeners shown in mounting the blocksSystem configuration

Standard assembly configuration of the 9000N batten and acoustic mounting block. Shown here with 25 & 50mm green dampener options.

Battens are mounted on acoustic blocks (similar to an acoustic cradle), pills the dampening element acoustically insulates the finished floor from the structural floor.

Height levelling is achieved with an adjustment screw threaded through the acoustic block.


A flexible and adaptable system.

The system can be fully adapted to the needs of your premises.

You decide:

  • The height of the system
  • Requirements for natural frequency
  • Design of floor surface
  • Load type and requirements
  • Floor covering above the system

Weight of surface flooring and additional loads

By having relatively heavy surface flooring, you can achieve low natural frequency and you are able to retain capacity for additional loads.

If additional loads are significantly heavier in relation to the dead load of the floor, resonance frequency in empty premises may be more difficult to bring down to the preferred natural frequency. A solution for this can be heavier
loaded flooring.

System specification

Battens are made of galvanised steel and fabricated to shape. Standard lengths are 2600mm and 3800mm with location holes for mounting blocks and screw legs every 200mm.

Mounting blocks and screw legs are made of polypropylene, nurse

The material specification of the system makes it strong, salve light weight and impervious to moisture. Standard batten and block spacing of 600mm gives a load capacity of 4000kg/m2 and weight of 5kg/m2.

Additional height can be achieved using masonite I-joists on top of the battens giving a 1000mm level excluding floor covering.

Wooden floor on 22mm chipboard constructed on Granab 9000N battens with 25mm acoustics dampeners within the mounting blocks

System finish

The standard floor finish is sheets of 22mm P5 T & G chipboard glued to the battens using a multi-purpose adhesive. Mechanical fixing on starter and perimeter sheets is also required to maintain chipboard position and system stability while the adhesive is setting.
Standard floor design for a residential room using granab system 7000

General installation drawing of Granab batten System 9000N at 600mm centres.

The c/c distance between battens is determined by the choice of floor covering, static and dynamic loads.