Dedicated solutions for peak performance

Granab is a lightweight, height adjustable, acoustic batten system with airborne and impact sound insulation performance that meets and exceeds building regulations.

The galvanized steel battens are fitted on mounts containing an acoustic dampener, a screw leg threaded through the centre for precision setting 30 to 420mm high, adjusted using a cordless screwdriver and laser level. Simple and effective installation with no packers or shims.

Innovation for dynamic environments

Many premises have more stringent requirements for structure-borne sound insulation than that of residential buildings. This includes premises which require freedom from disturbances and disruptions, or activities that generate a great deal of vibration and noise through the supporting slab and structure.

In these cases, normal solutions may be room-in-room construction or the casting of liquid screed floors.

We have developed an innovative, flexible system offering new possibilities, System 9000. We have based this on requirements established by acousticians on natural frequency in floor systems.

With a unique range of Sylodyn damping elements, you can customise your floating floor or room-in-room construction based on floor loads and preferences for natural frequency.